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France's way of growing

Written by A Forex View From Afar on Thursday, January 10, 2008

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Don't know if the news has reached US shores, but in Europe, all the media-fuzz is about the President Sarkozy's wedding with a former supermodel.

Since his Election the only things I have heard about him are about his fiancé, and complaining about the Euro's strength. On the same note, I hear the ECB members complaining about the France deficit budget which is an outstanding 52.17 billion (and growing). Soon we will hear them fighting.

France has developed a 2 years cycle, and if we follow this, France in 2008 will reach its peak. Since the US is heading toward recession, the French peak may not now be possible; this year's economic peak should be around 4%, if we believe the Charts.
I'm really curios how the relationship between ECB and France's president will evolve this year. Whatever happens at least Mr Sarkozy now has other things to take his mind off the deficit.

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