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Fox Mulder leaves aliens for sub-prime

Written by A Forex View From Afar on Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Fox Mulder has decided to leave behind aliens and extraterrestrial life and focus on US problems. One of those problems is the wide spread sub-prime, that almost bankrupt financial institutions.

FBI announced that it will start investigations on 14 companies related to the sub-prime crises, focusing on accounting fraud, securitization of loans and insider trading. These companies weren't nominated but they are probably the companies that made possible the sub-prime, from bundling to selling.

While Fox is on the run, chasing the sub-prime mess, Dana Scully will communicate with Justice Department, US Securities and Exchange Commission and various state attorneys.

I tend to agree with FBI by sending their top 2 agents; it's a miracle, a wonder, a rare phenomenal, all at the same time, how some bonds got AAA rating when some of them just didn't make out for triple C

Just for me (and the rest of planet) wasn't it easier just to have a real regulators on the financial system?

WSJ: FBI Launches Subprime Probe

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