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Recession is the Word

Written by A Forex View From Afar on Monday, April 28, 2008

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Last week I said that a consumer recession is pushed and shoved by the big and powerful media. Now I will show two proofs: they are called Yahoo! and CNBC, but I call them the "the recession email-server" and "First in calling recession worldwide"

Yahoo Recession

The stunning email service has a featured article box on the home-page. There isn't a day that I log in my yahoo email, without seeing an article related to recession. From "how to find a job during a recession" to "what to cook during a recession"...every possible subject can be linked in any way to recession.
In the last year, 2746 articles featured the word "recession", meaning 7.5 articles per day. But wait, in the last month, 721 articles appeared including the world recession, having 20 articles per day. That is almost one article per hour...
Yahoo link

The Business television, CNBC has a lower rate of recession-featured articles, "only" 1120 in the News and Analysis section, and 390 videos in the last year. This is translated in 3 reports that inspires fear, on a daily basis, and one reporter asking everyone and everywhere about recession.
CNBC link

Recession is in the media's blood, and they can't live without boom and bust cycles. It's a pity because scaring consumers will only make matters worse and not resolve anything.

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