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Fed Reserves

Written by A Forex View From Afar on Wednesday, April 09, 2008

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Fed Reserves

Wall Street Journal provides a chart showing how the Fed Reserves had evolved over the last quarters, more exactly since the sub-prime had begun.

1. Lent banks $10.3 billion through the discount window.
2. Lent banks $100 billion in term auction credit.
3. Lent securities dealers $76 billion through standard repurchase agreements.
4. Lent securities dealers $34.4 billion through the discount window.
5. Lent securities dealers $75 billion of its Treasuries in return for other collateral through its new Term Securities Lending Facility.
6. Lent up to $36 billion to the European and Swiss central banks.

We're getting close to the bottom of the sack, aren't we?

I really recommend to study the source for this article, it's a really good read and plus it offers some nice solutions too

WSJ: What Could the Fed Do?

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