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Range-Bound Equity Markets? Take A Look At The Fx Market

Written by A Forex View From Afar on Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The rally started back in March was fueled mainly by the view that the world economy will recover as emerging economies and consumers would sustain the demand side of the developed economies.

However, over the recent weeks, both theories faced reality, as the eagerly awaited consumer recovery refused to happen. The emerging economies demand, mainly Chinese demand, is enough only to sustain the country’s huge production capacity, without implying any huge foreign imports. To sustain these claims, the attached chart from RBC Capital Markets shows that the decline in Japanese, or in U.S., GDP individually, is big enough to offset the gains made up by the Chinese economy, while the rest of the emerging economies barely count.

These two points would suggest that the rally that started in March is becoming unsustainable; reasons that fueled it are now disappearing into nothing but fading hopes. Further clues that point in this same direction are the poor expected earnings numbers to come over the next few quarters. Add to that the fact that both manufacturing and the service sides of the economy remain in a contraction phase, and have a rising unemployment rate, and all does not look at all sustainable at the projected growth rates.

TheLFB-Forex.com Trade Team argues that this may force the equity markets to consolidate around the current values until the global perspective improves once again, something that would require the financial markets to re-price such an event. Moreover, the continuous drop in the market’s implied volatility confirms the view that the market is going to remain in a range-bound fashion for the time being.

Ultimately, range-bound equities are likely to influence the trading activity in the currency market, something that would make the dollar index swing around the 80.00 area, as it has been doing for a few weeks now. Moreover, the currency market might come down to a regional story as long as the equity markets trade side-ways.

The aussie would have the best perspective since Australia is the only major economy that has avoided a recession so far, while the Japan would be the weakest economy fundamentally speaking. The swissy also has a relative good macroeconomic perspective, but still not too many trade desks would want to buy the Swiss franc, not as long as the SNB intervenes regularly into the fx market. The summer may have doldrums, but the order flows are revealing an interest in moving things, but at very specific times, and for very specific reasons, and that is the way things are likely to stay until a new fair value on Debt/Growth ratios is found.

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